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Interviewed by Lana Gordon Rast

I recently was asked to do an interview with Lana Gordon Rast. Lana is a wonderful artist, and fellow Spoonflower Designer. I have followed her work for a while now, and this invitation is a real honor for me.

Lana Gordon RastLana’s designs are full of warmth, history, and femininity. One of my favorites is Sarah Wilson. The collection is in honor of her Mother-in-law. How sweet is  that! If you would like to see more of her work, just click on her photo.

I hope you will visit her blog, and that you enjoy the interview!




2 thoughts on “Interviewed by Lana Gordon Rast

  1. Caitie M

    Congrats on the interview, and best wishes for your creative pursuits, it sounds like you’re headed for wonderful wthings 🙂 I really related to what you wrote about colour being the most inspirational part of the process for you, and the first thing you consider is the mood or feeling of a piece – I definitely feel the same!

    1. Sheila Post author

      Thanks so much Caitie! Reading your reply is a great way to start my day! Better than a Caramel Mocha latte even!


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