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Sunny Sage for Spoonflower

Sunny Sage & Spice swatch. © 2023 Sheila Delgado.
Sunny Sage & Spice swatch. © 2023 Sheila Delgado.

This pattern came by way of a long and winding path. Do you remember the Family Circus comic strips showing how young Billy spent his day? Yup, it was like that. The assignment was a non-directional wallpaper. One that might even work on ceilings.

I started with the idea of bamboo sprigs. Researched designs and colors for my mood board. Came back a day later and was thinking desert, prickly pear. Hmm.

I have this idea, to revisit some of my early design themes. Patterns that are one-offs. Then I can create a collection of similar themed prints. I started on a prickly pear. And changed my direction again.

Click on image to see full size.

My copy of The Grammar of Ornament caught my eye, and saved me from my indecision. I landed on the mediaeval chapter. The geometric patterns created by William Butterfield were appealing. He used them to decorate his brick buildings. Polychrome brickwork is a style of architectural brickwork where bricks of different colors are used to create decorative patterns or to highlight architectural features.

Butterfield’s designs were called diapers. From the Oxford Dictionary of Architecture:


Decorative pattern on a plain, flat, unbroken surface consisting of the constant repetition of simple figures (such as squares, lozenges, or polygons) closely connected with each other.

Sunny Sage & Spice decor. © 2023 Sheila Delgado.
Sunny Sage & Spice decor. © 2023 Sheila Delgado.

You are absolutely right. There is nothing “sage” about this. The title came to me as I was working, and it stuck. Definitely more of an avocado. Or Palo Verde green. (Arizona’s state tree.)

Voting is now open, until the 4th of July. Thanks so much for your interest and support!