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She Saves Shells Steadily

Petrified Sand Dollar

My first view of the ocean was in 1975. We moved to San Diego. Drove in through the Orange groves. That first night, the fog rolled in. I still remember how bright the sky was. And how moist the air felt. It seemed magical to an eight-year-old. I loved it, still do.

None of these are from that first beach visit, but I did collect the sand dollars above. The dark one is “petrified”. Hard as a rock. The smallest is smaller than a dime. Less than a half inch in diameter.

Glass Houses

I often think, “Hey, I should paint a shell!” Lord knows I have plenty to choose from. Their complexity sort of intimidates me though. But I did attempt the large one above.

Shell in pen and Inktense pencils. 4 x 6. 2015 Sheila Delgado
Shell in pen and Inktense pencils. 4 x 6. 2015 Sheila Delgado
Green Tusk
Ebony & Ivory – Black Murex.
Strawberry top, a sand cookie and more purple.
Sea Biscuit

Above, sand stars, a sea biscuit, and a keyhole sand dollar. The two white Augers below are attached like Siamese twins.

Assorted Smalls
To The Point
White Stripes
Sincerely Small Shells
Tiny Treasures

I remember collecting these miniature shells. I was at Bonita Cove in San Diego. I spent most of the afternoon walking the beach and sifting the sand. All I had were my hands and a Ziploc bag. The water’s edge was loaded with shells. I remember I filled the bag and then started putting the larger shells in my pockets.

I cleaned out my cobalt jars the other day, and I finally took the time to separate the shells by size. I set aside the tiny and small shells. The medium and large went back into the jars, organized by types. Next, I organized the tiny and smalls by type as well. I lucked out and found mini jars on clearance. Perfect!

All that work to find the tiniest shells I have ever seen! Well, now I can see them whenever I like. They are no longer figments buried at the bottom of a blue jar.

Filing this under things that bring me joy. And calling it done.

Eenie, Meenie, Mighty Tiny
Hummer Nests
Crazy Shell Lady.

“The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.”
— Jacques Yves Cousteau

Are you a collector? Tell me all about it in a comment 😉