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Testing, Testing…


Light and Dark. 8-23-18, SMD

Light and Dark. 8-23-18, SMD

A chance of rain still. The next few days. The golden grasses are all a brilliant shade of green. Well. You might have to look closer, or just take my word for it.


Green on the hills. 8-23-18, SMD.

Green on the hills. 8-23-18, SMD.



I purchased these, so excited to try new art toys. Michaels, Artist’s Loft Water Soluble Wax Pastels. It was the first time I saw them in the store here. Looking online, I found that they have been around for at least two years. Oh well. They are new to me, and I thought I would share.


Water Soluble Wax Pastels by Artist's Loft®

Water Soluble Wax Pastels by Artist’s Loft


If I had to give these a rating, it would be a 2 out of 5. You can see below, the strength of pigmentation. The pinks and yellows all but disappear. There are 24 colors, no names though. It is hard to tell some of the colors apart. You can see it here, and in the test sheet below, that the colors do not blend easily. Most of the color stays where you put it.


24 Colors.


The pastels looked messy in the package. It also looked as if one of the purples had melted all over the wrapping. Not a big deal to me, but for gift giving that would be a disappointment. The pastels are covered with a white haze. I think it might be the ingredients separating, blooming  like chocolate will. Funny, but I didn’t even notice that at the store. I must have been really excited!


First look.


I pulled a few colors to test and compare with Caran d’Ache Neocolor II. The pastels are really creamy, they go on smooth and are fun to draw with. First I laid down a heavy patch of color. For the second square, I pulled wet color from the first, to see how much color would be lifted. The third patch, I put a small amount of pastel. I added water, and spread the color. I pressed hard, to blend the color completely. But as you can see, the original marks remain. The Neocolors are the four at the bottom.

With the four samples on the right, I tried to blend two colors together. Red and Yellow. On top, I used a wet brush to pull color directly from the pastel. Very little color transferred. The second sample, I pulled color from the still wet samples on the left. The two side by side samples, I drew the colors on to the paper.



I was disappointed in the pigment levels, and how hard it was to get color directly from the crayons. But I do think that these would be great in mixed media for texture and mark making. Glad I had a 40% off coupon though.