Angels Take Flight , Tree Spirit Dances



Acrylic Pour. 4 x 4 gallery wrapped canvas. 2017 Sheila Delgado

Acrylic Pour. 4 x 4 gallery wrapped canvas. 2017 Sheila Delgado

I posted last week that these small works were for a project. I wasn’t sure they would work. Well, two of them do. My hope was to create abstract angels. This first one was a complete success. When I first showed this to you, it was “upside down”. After the canvas dried, I looked at it and rotated it around, to see if anything would reveal itself to me.

Here is another look before any additions (#2):

Angels begin. Poured acrylic paint on 4 x 4 gallery wrapped canvas

Angels begin. Poured acrylic paint on 4 x 4 gallery wrapped canvas. Sheila Delgado 2017

You can see that the body was already there. I just needed to “bring out” the wing on the right side. I may have missed the target, but I am really happy with this one. Angel #2 is a different story. Not as sure about this one.

There wasn’t as much there for me to work with. I saw a head, and a very slim, soft skirt shape. Unfortunately it does not show well in the photo. Also, the arm was there. But my logical brain could not wrap itself around painting an angel that was basically cut in half. Even if I WAS going for abstract. So I tried to think, illogically. In my mind’s eye, the angel is facing forward, one wing is coming around in front, wind is blowing her hair. Not sure if the swirls on the bottom look like flowing gown, or part of the second wing. Would love to know what you see. If anything.


Acrylic Pour #2. 4 x 4 gallery wrapped canvas. 2017 Sheila Delgado

Acrylic Pour #2. 4 x 4 gallery wrapped canvas. 2017 Sheila Delgado

I worked to add as little as possible, to what the pour had created. But I did add metallic paint to each of these, to help the figures stand out. And to give a somewhat more, spiritual quality. You can see on the angled views below. These are both going to be for children, and the second one looks like a child figure to me. But I may end up painting over this.






I did begin to paint over the two blue paintings. Totally botched the first one, and ran out of paint. So tomorrow is a trip to Michaels and a try again. I will explain more in the next post.



Monday, 4/17, ends @ 11:59pm PT


LYA Side Swap

Tree Spirit, Teresa Harrington Hazelbaker. LYA 2017

Tree Spirit, Teresa Harrington Hazelbaker. LYA 2017

I confess, I cleaned up this image in Photoshop. The postal mark ran along the full right side, and the date was on the lower left. It is just so wonderful, I wanted to show it at it’s best. Teresa and I have swapped for many years. Once she even sent a gift package filled with several treats that I have hung on to.

Teresa lives in Powder Springs Georgia. She was so excited for the swap, she even had her address labels and stamps printed with this image on them. How fun is that!!

On the back she included lyrics from a James Brown song. Sort of a tough love inspiration. I included a video below, you can listen to a few bars if you are not familiar with it. Believe me, it will rev your engines!

Get Up Offa That Thing
James Brown

Get up offa that thing,
And dance ’till you feel better,
Get up offa that thing,
And shake ’till you feel better,
Get up offa that thing,
And twist ’till you feel better!
Get up offa that thing,
And try to release that pressure!
Get Funky!
Feels good!



Thanks so much Teresa, for sharing your terrific art with me again! I really love this delicate reminder to let my little light shine! And I will admit to “gettin’ funky” for a few minutes with Mr. Brown!









14 thoughts on “Angels Take Flight , Tree Spirit Dances

  1. Teresa

    Thank you so much for honoring my work by putting it on the same page as your spirit being! And I had mistakenly thought that glossy postcards made the postal trip with less of a bumpy ride, so thank you for taking the time to present “Tree Spirit” in her best light. I find it interesting that we both have created feminine representations of angelic creatures, but in the Bible the angels are all male? Today I heard a young male comedian say, “When I was little, I always felt like a boy trapped in a girl’s body. Then I was born.” 🙂

    With the combination of the aqua blues and lavenders, plus the bubble-like shapes, I envision water. The feminine shape appears to be reaching up to swim to the lighter surface. So, maybe she is a water sprite or mermaid instead? Whoever this mystery lady is, she lives in a very pretty painting. Successful!

    1. Sheila Post author

      Teresa I adore your interpretations of these paintings! Thank you for sharing them with me 🙂 I was feeling slightly bummed, my second attempt at one of the blue ones totally bombed. But Now I have the gumption to continue forward and try again! (And again if necessary!) Two out of four ain’t bad, LOL.
      I too found it serendipitous that my angel and your Tree Spirit crossed paths. That they are both feminine, both reaching, and releasing… wonderful shared connotations.
      I watched Hidden Figures last night, and I found myself wondering why I had never learned about those women and their contributions in school. I researched to learn more.
      What it would have meant to young girls to learn about those possibilities, and to young African American girls in particular. (I might have had just a bit more confidence when it came to math.)
      I am laughing because it was in part my perfectionism that caused me to work on your image. But also, that you are a friend, and it is a piece of your art. LOL 🙂 Be well and keep creating my friend!

  2. Val van der Poel

    Your first angel is super – I knew the lavender pieces where good!. For the second, I think I would have turned it and used the white for one or two angel skirts but you would have needed to add a head and wings. I really liked that LYA card when I saw it on FB – you got a really nice selection this year. Have a great day Sheila.

    1. Sheila Post author

      I think you are right Val, that would have been better. 🙂 Teresa’s card is eye catching isn’t it 😉 Happy Monday to you as well my friend 🙂


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