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I Need Your Vote, and a Fabric Feature

The Peoples Story by Demouse

The People’s Story by Demouse, click on the image for a closer look.


Spoonflower is featuring The People’s Story
in their Latest Favorites today! Hooray!

Available in 16 fabrics, gift wrap, and wall paper. 


This week The Spoonflower contest is being held in partnership with Carousel Designs. This is from the Spoonflower site:

Our Southwest Baby Bedding Design Challenge seeks designs to create modern, sophisticated nurseries with a southwestern flair. The good folks at Carousel Designs will choose one winner from the top ten vote getting designs. The winner’s design will be used to produce the newest offering of nursery décor available through BabyBedding.com, and the winner will receive commission on the yardage ordered from Spoonflower. All top ten winners will receive $50 in Spoondollar credit and a pillow from Carousel Designs made with their design.

It is a terrific opportunity!

I have entered, and I hope you will take a few minutes and give me your vote. There are a lot of entries, and the images always load differently, so I can’t be sure where mine will show up.

Mystic Memories by Demouse

Mystic Memories by Demouse, click on the image for a closer look.

I know, I know… they look like the same design. You are right. But they are different. I also have companion pieces I will be adding on Spoonflower today. I will share them here, with you as well.

Vote now, through April 1st!

I will let you know if I make the finals!
Thanks for taking the time to vote!
I appreciate your support my friends!




Gift Wrap Commission


Teepee gift wrap, surface design, fabric, repeating pattern

This design was requested by a friend. I think it is a cute idea. The red and white for Christmas, and everyday use. The pink, blue and multi she will be using for upcoming births in the family.

The teepees are adorned with symbols for bear tracks, horse and rider, mountains, and crosses. All representing pieces of her history. Most importantly, her family’s church that has been on the Rincon Reservation for over forty years.

These designs are all available in my Spoonflower shop.


Hope your Holiday season is joyously jingling along!