2018 LYA Side Swap Treasure Trove



Green Tree Sketch. 4 x 6 watercolor on paper. © 2018 Sheila Delgado

Green Tree Sketch. 4 x 6 watercolor on paper. © 2018 Sheila Delgado


Green Tree.

I made a quick stop on the way home from Phoenix yesterday. Parked to enjoy a Mickey D’s ice cream cone. It was 96 degrees. Ice cream was prescribed. I also had good news from the Doctor. Well, not news really. He is ordering three more tests. I left his office confident that we will soon have answers. And hopefully, and end to this chronic cough.  So it was a bit of a celebration as well.

My view was of this brilliant, lime green tree trunk. There was also the beautiful cactus, four different birds and a tiny chipmunk I think. he was busy scarfing down on the bush in front of the tree. I took photos of him too, but all I got was a fuzzy grey blob.

I love these trees in Phoenix. They do not grow up here. They have lovely, graceful shapes, and the gorgeous color. There are also some with deep, almost black trunks. I am guessing those are older trees, but I have yet to confirm that.


Suzette Rothlisberger, Grantsville Utah


Suzette did an oversized card this year, 5 x 7. Perfect for framing. It is gorgeous! “Singing to the moon”. Lots going on here, layers of awesomeness. You might not be able to see, but there are hand written messages in there too.


Lynne Foerster, Orefield, Pennsylvania


This is a view from Lynne’s favorite walking trail. Isn’t it lovely? What a peaceful, joyful walk that would be. I can hear the birds chirping, and feel the breeze on my arms. The message on the front:

And suddenly you know:
It’s time to start something new
and trust the magic of beginning.
Meister Eckahart



Kelly Warren, Tallahassee Florida


This sweet face belongs to “Denver”. Kelly donates her time, taking photos of shelter dogs, to help them find a good home. Awww! She also make fabulous jewelry and does mixed media art as well.


Val van der Poel, Wynndel, BC, Canada


This wonderful scene is a perfect example of Val’s amazing trees. Val is great at a lot of things. She teaches, so naturally.  “Winter Sunset”, is a watercolor. Just look at that cheerful sky. On the back:

Art needn’t be “meaningful,
but it should make the artist
and the viewer feel something!!



Christine Brooks, Flagstaff Arizona


Isn’t this big bug beautiful?  I think it would be fun to paint. (Hint, hint.) Those sparkly wings! Christine still had some extras, so I got lucky and received a second one. Thanks Christine! WOO WHOO!

Thanks so much – Christine, Kelly, Lynne, Suzette, and Val!! So blessed to have your art in my LYA collection 🙂

If you haven’t already, I hope you will visit the links, and take a look at more of the work these talented women create!






8 thoughts on “2018 LYA Side Swap Treasure Trove

  1. Sea Dean

    Love the green tree. I tried to paint a dragonfly once, actually the same one several times. I failed miserably. I think they may work better as a graphite or ink drawing with watercolor and perhaps some sparkle.

    1. Sheila Post author

      I can see where it would be difficult. So delicate. Glad you like the tree Sea. I have a ton of photos, different trees. I want to paint them, large paintings. After the 100… 😉

  2. dotty seiter

    That lime green Phoenix tree! Sweet! Love that you can and do capture your experiences in paint, Sheila, AND share them with us.

    Just enjoyed strolling through your LYA side swap gallery—perfect way for me to launch this April Thursday.

    You are still coughing??? Even with the o2? Glad that you have a doc who’s working so assiduously to find answers. Prayers.

    1. Sheila Post author

      I will be sharing more information about those trees soon. 🙂 The postcards are inspiring aren’t they Dotty 🙂 So fun to get art in your mailbox! And I have more to share 😉
      Yup, still coughing. It was less for awhile, when I first started the O2.
      I am so behind with my Mingus, and with email and visiting blogs… Can’t wait to see what you are up to my friend! Have fun 😉

  3. Val van der Poel

    What a wonderful tree that you painted and photographed – very cool!. You got some super cards for your LYA collection Sheila – some I hadn’t seen before. I am glad you like mine – I thought of you when I decided to send the Winter Sunset picture as you had just blogged a few days earlier about sunsets. I hope that the Doc has good news coming for you! Take care!

    1. Sheila Post author

      They are cool Val. When you are driving down a street filled with them, so pretty 🙂 I am just blown away by everyone’s cards this year. I mean, they are always great aren’t they. I love that you chose that one for me Val, Thank you! It reminded me of our first Christmas here as well. (Now how did I forget to mention that in the post?) So glad we had the chance to swap! Loved the photos of your four legged visitors!

  4. Trang

    Beautiful cards and so happy you are smothered in happy mail. You have more grace than your coveted AZ trees and you are such a resilient, talented and delightful soul, Sheila! You are in my thoughts. Love seeing the world through your eyes and paintbrush. Hugs!

    1. Sheila Post author

      So kind of you Trang. Thank you my friend 🙂 Hugs right back 🙂 Aren’t those cards wonderful!


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