Liberate Your Art



I shared my art publicly for the first time, in Kat Sloma’s first LYA Postcard swap (2011). I will be forever grateful for the opportunity. I wasn’t even blogging then. I made connections with several “new” artists. I am so pleased to say that I continue to swap with those friends today. 

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LYA 2017

LYA 2017 , at 1:00 in the video.

LYA 2016

LYA 2016 – At :20 in the video.







LYA 2015

LYA 2015 – At 3:22 in video.

LYA 2014

LYA 2014







LYA 2013

LYA 2013 – At 5:33 in the video.

LYA 2012

LYA 2012 – At 3:35 in the video.







LYA 2011

LYA 2011