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Quick Watercolor Sketches

About a week ago I decided to start doing a daily sketch.
Something small, quick.
The purpose of these, is just to practice.

I wish I was better at portraits.
I need to practice more.
The first is only  an inch and a half square.
The second is about two and half inches tall.

watercolor portrait sketch, sheila delgado, may 2015

portrait sketch, watercolor, sheila delgado, may 2015

I will share my sketches with you, well, the decent ones at least. Ha!

yellow watercolor flowers, sheila delgado

blue watercolor flowers, sheila delgado

Day 9 – 30 In 30


Violet. 4.5 x 6 watercolor on Yupo. © 2015 Sheila Delgado

Violet. 4.5 x 6 watercolor on Yupo. © 2015 Sheila Delgado

By now you know I am a fan of Downton Abbey. I am a fan of Maggie Smith, and I love her as Violet Crawley. As Violet, she gets to say the things we all wish we could say. For those of you new to my blog, I started this with a layer of paint on the sheet. While it was wet, I covered it with Saran Wrap, then let it dry.

I saw the left side of her face, and her HUGE hat right away. This is entirely too monochrome, too “cool”. But that is sort of fitting for a stuffy Countess from a country known for its misty, grey days.

Violet, Final. 4.5 x 6 watercolor on Yupo. © 2015 Sheila Delgado

Violet, Final. 4.5 x 6 watercolor on Yupo. © 2015 Sheila Delgado

My art supplies arrived today. Just a pad of Yupo, and five tubes of watercolor.  YAY! I jumped right in and painted… 3 really crappy nothings. Had visions in my head, and that is where they stayed. Whew, finally something that sort of works.

Oh and GUESS WHAT! I received another small package today. Thought it was my prize from Sandy Sandy’s Christmas giveaway. I didn’t even look at the package, I just opened it.

What a surprise! Sea Dean sent me a Birthday gift! I am such a dunce! Sea told me she was sending me her Wattle… I thought she just meant digitally. Yup, it went right over my ditzy head. But in all fairness, we all have a ton of mail to get through with the challenge going on. I was reading fast.  (That’s my story…)

Sea, I love it! LOVE IT! Thank you! Here it is for those of you who have not seen it , and you can read about it here. Lovely thoughts Sea. Fitting for someone who has Lupus as well. So beautiful don’t you think?

Cootamundra Wattle. 4 x 6 Acrylic. © Sea Dean

Leslie Saeta is our host for the painting challenge, she has painted some really fabulous abstracts this month. You can see all the art created today on her blog. Please also visit Sea Dean to post your daily painting, or to vote on those posted. Prizes for the most active artist, AND the most active voter. You can vote three times each day.


Painting Challenge – A Look Back



September 2014 Painting challenge. © 2014 Sheila Delgado


Seeing the paintings together like this just reminds me how fast time passes. Too fast! I am so thankful that you followed me through this month. The best part of the challenge is hearing from you! Your kindness and support are true blessings.


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I started a Pinterest board at the beginning of this challenge, and I have 550 amazing pins on it! There will be more, as I add collages. You can also see the collages on Leslie’s blog.

Happy October and happy painting!